S10 Modular Lens Caps

Do you want an easy way to customise your S10 Gas Mask? Do you have a 3D Printer? Then I've got something for you 👀

TL;DR: Print your own

Thanks to @gearlicious and @Skeele pre existing models and some extra idea from @puphex I'm happy to present the S10 Modular Lens Cap ✨


Have fun creating custom blindfolds or equip you mask with a fancy lenses set 🤩

But... Why?

I've been looking for way to customise my gas mask as soon as I got them. Whether it's from the S10 Lens Screen project (post on that soon enough 👀), or some other modifications likes the one KinkyBiologist provides that are much more utility driven, but a really great place to start.

But there's also this issue that a lot of the gear accessories suffer from gear tax, especially when the accessory in question is extremely simple in essence...

But that's where community strikes! After a few exchanges and researches, Gearlicious and Skeele provided me with reference files that I modified and took inspiration from to build a complete set of outserts accessories for an S10!

If you have a multi filament 3D printer that can lead to really cool and easy lens caps design like these


And if you get to work on it a bit more using some UV paint, you'll get these


And of course, while I'm showing a lot of it being used as a fancy lens cap, it was designed to be a lens holder first! So a bit of cheap acrylic discs of the right diameter (if not slightly smaller as I've recently experience getting fucked by cutting imperfections) you can get some really cool looks

And of course you can have fun and do crazier stuff 👀

I hope this project proves useful to you, and feel free to share your prints on socials and tag me!

S10 Modular Lens Caps
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