Defining my Asexuality

Story time for Asexual Awareness Week

It took me a while to understand how my mind worked around the idea of sex, and learning about the Asexual label made me understand so many behaviours, ideas and reactions of my youth.

I was never really interested in romantic or sexual relationships. I wanted friendship, people to spend good casual time with. The few times people tried to make it "more", I would flip, losing interest and feeling awkward not being able to reciprocate it, leading to deception on both sides.

I would also entertain and fantasise about the Idea of sex being a more "automated robotic plug and play process" after looking at sex scenes in movies, or worse, vanilla porn.

This was the start of my Drone Kink and Rubber / Latex discovery! Sex feels boring, but wouldn't with kink.

This, and more niche concepts like Transformation and exploring Furry artwork made me understand something: I am not straight!...

But I don't really feel gay either because it's too limiting and also too heavy. It felt like I found half of my answer, I was still lost, I needed more. That's when I found out about Asexuality and mostly, the idea that I was not alone.

I just know I'm some kind of Asexual, a bit Bi or Pan, one that wants friendship over sex, body exploration fun over vanilla intimacy, and trust in the other to explore said kink.

I guess where I'm going with this is that the Internet is a magical place for me. I can explore my sexuality at my pace, connect with like-minded people, share my experience in the hope someone resonates with it, the same way I do with amazing creators, artists, and simply people.

So I hope that this message to the void can resonate with you. Take it as a way to know that sexuality and romance is a spectrum where labels are tools. That kink and asexuality can work together And give yourself time to become your undeniable self.

This is from a Mastodon thread I shared during 2023 ace week, but do expect me to come back to that subject as I do some more explorations of my identities 😊

Defining my Asexuality
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