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Here, you will find thoughts and ramblings of a kinky asexual drone exploring its love for latex, through erotic photography and crafty electronics projects. to either look really cool, or add spice in your scenes.

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Who am I?


Hi! I'm Xantw0, also identified as Drone X0-2

My journey into the kink scene started during the pandemic where isolation and self reflection made me open up about defining myself through that peculiar mix of asexuality and fetishes. For very long, I thought I was alone in these fantasies, broken in the eye of society, weird if I were to open up about these subjects to friends and family.

But recently, I started investing more time developing this side of me, delving into my love of transformation artwork, self controlled chastity and latex to achieve a vision of sensual and mental pleasure, while navigating my kinky asexuality. I realised I was not alone and found a community, I am not broken and can relate to a part of the queer community, and I'm still weird, in the best way possible.

I am to become a presence I would have hoped to have meet before, and open and sex positive individual that shows you don't have to fit in a mold to be who you want to be.

Hopefully you'll find my explorations here interesting! And you might even find some project to join in the fun on your end.

Thanks for peeking around here! And I hope you have a great day 😊

Hello there!
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